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Performance that delivers


Sports demand both the performance and the endurance of surfaces and drainage systems to be of the highest standards. Cherry Pipes has been supplying solutions in world class facilities in Golf, Soccer, GAA, Equestrian, Rugby etc. We can do this due to our Kitemarked drainage coils which have industry leading performance and can be used in a wide variety of drainage solutions to meet the needs of the project.

Designed for Sports Drainage

Our pipe is manufactured from high quality recycled HDPE which is a very robust and durable plastic that can manage extreme temperature fluctuations without losing any performance or structural integrity. The shape and profile of the pipe is also designed and fabricated to have strength and durability. We also package our pipe very tightly which allows for easy storage, transport and site movement.

Our drainage coil offers a wide range of durability, flexibility and performance that are used in a wide range of drainage solutions.


Cherry Pipes manufacture a wide range of drainage solutions that maintain performance in the toughest of conditions and temperatures.

Ease of Installation

We make sure that our pipe is wound and packaged in tight neat coils so that it is easy for all the handlers that it will encounter. This helps in stacking for transport and site storage but also moving throughout the site by the installers.

High Performance Solution

Our products offer unique design features that increase performance and lifespan of our pipes and fittings. All our products are accredited and tested to the highest industry standard.

Sports Solution

With the diversity, design and range of our pipes and drainage solutions there is no sport drainage problem that we cannot cater for. We deal with industry leading contractors and designers on world class projects.