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Civil & Infrastructure

Wide ranging solutions to large infrastructure


With our in-house civil engineering experience, we re experienced in high performance, precision engineered drainage solutions for a variety of project types. Motorways, airports or capital works scheme, we have a range of products to provide your modern surface water drainage project with the best solution possible.

Large Scale Projects

With our combined in-house design, fabrication and civil engineering experience, we can achieve the best results on a large scale. The products designed are manufactured to strict tolerances on a consistent basis.

High performance, precision engineered drainage solutions for large scale civil projects.

Civil Engineering and Construction

We offer a comprehensive drainage solution portfolio and service throughout Ireland and the UK. Our in-house team of experts design and consult with you on the variety of pipe and bespoke fittings that will achieve the maximum results for your project.

In-House Support

Along with the design and fabrication team, we will support you on the project from inception to completion, in order for you to finish the project to the highest possible standard.

Product Specification

Our pipes, fittings, accessories and bespoke products are engineered and fabricated to exacting standards and accreditations. This allows you to have the utmost trust in the product quality and the service that we provide.

Service offering

Our people offer unparalleled support and product experience across the Uk and Ireland to our partners. Our in-house logistics allow us to deliver full loads and orders throughout the UK and Ireland within 72 hours. It is this on-the-ground face to face service that distinguishes our sales and services teams from the rest.