Cherry Pipes and RX3 join forces!

Cherry Plastics Group have teamed up with RX3 (Rethink, Recycle and Remake) to promote recycling in Ireland. RX3 were formed by the Department of Environment, Heritage, and Local Government in the Republic of Ireland in 2008, as part of a Market Development Programme for Waste Resources. A lack of stable and economically attractive markets and outlets for recyclable materials has been stated by the Irish government as one of the main barriers to an improved and sustainable recycling performance. RX3 has been tasked with project managing the programmes key objectives and deliverables to progress the development of new markets for recyclables. Cherry Pipes Group have used recycled plastics for the manufacture of agricultural products since the late 90s, and have built up considerable expertise in the effective recycling of plastics. They are one of the main users of recycled plastics in Ireland and hope to work closely with RX3 in the future to improve Irelands recycling performance.


Shown in the photo are Mr John Gormley, Minister for Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government and Miriam Grant from RX3 (